Competing Animations

hey guys and gals:

I have a footer that raises up some sub-shelves of parameters. When the shelves slide up, they adjust the content upwards a bit via several animations. Re-clicking the tab would close the sub shelves and slide the Content back down:

OK crowd, who can predict the problem here? Yes, that’s right: when I press the other tab, it loops the animation of the Content down and now it’s out of sync. Which would be bad:

So how do we manipulate the timelines so that if any of the tabs are open it keeps the content slid upwards?

EDIT ADD: Also realized I have to disable the Button when I ‘close’ it…

I keep thinking I should know the answer to this one, but here we all are.

Thank you immensely! (25.9 KB)

AAAH, Auto-solved this one! I inserted a moving Rectangle that slides over the tab buttons, thus triggering animation separately, and I took out the Looping mechanism on the animation that slides the Content up. (26.1 KB)