Compass 404 page Hype animation

Great idea by Arthur Lambillotte showcasing a 404 page with a compass animation for his clients site made with Hype with hype Project and sketch files Included.



Glad you added your comment there on his post.

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Really nice!

About the comment: I use both Hype and After Effects (AE). It’s apple and oranges… hard to compare as AE is a pixel based solution and renders it’s output. Hence, it’s not real time. Also, even if “flat design” is currently the latest trend (Lotti etc.)… it might seem like AE is only capable of that, but it can do 3D, tracking and so much more. It comes down to your budget and the platform you want to export to. Hype is the right choice for web, interactivity and simple movie exports (or amazing hacks like recently featured for Open Broadcaster Software). After Effects is the go to for complex animation and post-production in movie production in the mid range. Then there is Houdini and other really high-end tools but I still haven’t explored much of that space.

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I too am an AE and a motion user, I’d say that hype is a liter or lighter version of AE in a sense that it gives its users a decluttered UI, with features found in most timeline editing apps but again with limitations. Sure, more can be accomplished with AE or Morion but the UIs are vast and at first glance it seems like there’s no end to them as there’s so much thrown into one app. My response left on dribbble was to let folks know if you put your mind to working solely In Hype you can achieve similar results as in AE give or take app limitations as somethings are just easier to accomplish in Hype with fewer steps and get both html and pixel output as video.


I am a fan boy of Hype so I get what you are saying and I use it too for short movie exports. It can even compete on some basic 3D and that is impressive. I’d love to see 3D catch up with the capabilities of the browser, though. Complex 3D still is a problem duo to some wrapping happening in the Hype output.

Just wanted to make the point that there is a whole world of tools out there and with many it’s not a competition as much as it could be a collaboration. I’d love to see more integration to embed Hype even deeper into Workflows and love Hype for the places it already offers them. On the rest I am totally with you… amazing what can be done with Hype and the underlying HTML5 these days. On AppSumo they currently have a nearly full movie editor made in HTML5 with timelines, templates and titles. Just crazy!

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To get back on topic. The animation is really nice, thanks for sharing!

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