Communication Agency website conceived in Hype

With this amazing app that we’ve been breathing creativity and with the feed and help of this tremendous Tumult Forum, here is one of the last Hype pieces i just finished. It’s a website and I wanted to try and do it all in one page (desktop and mobile versions).

It’s the website of the Communication Agency that I’ve been working as the Multimedia Director these last few years.

A special thanks to @Daniel , @jonathan and the Tumult team for being there all the time (no matter what time of day) and also to @h_classen for some small but very important issues like the webkit-overflow-scrolling performance of the page.

To all of you that make me dig and search old forum topics, keep the chain unbreakable.

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Nice work. I’ll give you some constructive feedback and questions (hope that is okay):

  • The page has rather little animation coming from an animation package. Why did you use Hype over a traditional HTML builder in the case of this traditional responsive layout? Future plans for animation?
  • It would be nice if the scroll was a soft scroll. Specially with “back to top” that is currently reloading the page for me.
  • How are you maintaining the language versions (dynamic replacements, scene redundancy)?

Did you have bad experience on the forum?

Thanks for sharing.

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Congrats on shipping!

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I’m the one who should be thanking :wink:

I’m an image/sound/drawing/performer-kind-of-guy, and so, I like 2 work with different kinds of media(studied Graphic Design in the University, but i needed to see things move). Code was never on my horizon… What fascinated me in Hype (started back then with version 1) was the ability to make websites/graphic interfaces with no code and just drawing each scene (the non template thing… free design). I worked doing newspaper design for 23 years on PÚBLICO, a referenced portuguese newspaper). I learned by myself how to work with Dreamweaver back in the days of Macromedia because i love the hyperlink idea…, but i’m a wysiwyg kind of guy, u know?

As a Multimedia Director, I do a lot of work: I’m daily working on video editing, sound designing video tracks… With Hype, I’ve been doing lots of landing pages and what i call “microsites” for 3 day events, personal sound triggering instruments, hyperlinked mindnotes, minimal catalogs for the company that function as indexed table of contents, some animations… yes i would like 2 do more, but the time is not enough, and client deadlines really do exist!!! :wink:

Yes me too. But again, code is needed…

That i did because the anchor i created on the top, appears on the url after the mouse event trigger, and the fast solution i did was to use the website url to reload the page, knowing that cache would help me… any ideas on this?

we had a much more complex website with a portfolio database and news database, which was a pain to translate every single text to english (the google translate on the footer was no good)… then the company decide to make a much simpler website (less is more) that doesn’t need to be changed every week or month (and it could be done internally… by me of course, and )… so, yes, I have the website duplicated (portuguese and english)

Never. The forum was and is what made me improve and learn more and more of this amazing app. I sometimes do some local workshops and seminars on editorial design and i use Hype as a tool and a recommendation for prototyping design, for example.
Sometimes i need a fast solution and sometimes i get tips to learn and not the solution, but that’s the game, right?

“Ain’t this what livin’ is all about” (Frank Zappa)

Thanks 4 the feedback @MaxZieb


Oh, yeah! A fellow Zappa-Fan.

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I’m not a fan… I is what i am, but i ain’t no Catholic girl, so please Jumbo, don’t go away, cause this is Joe’s Garage and u R the central scrutinizer!!!

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