Common background image to many scenes


I have 2 questions to you gurus out there!

  1. In I replicate the background image in all scenes which is bad for the file size. I see it is possible to have a common color for all scene but I want more, that is a single image that will fit in each scene.

  2. How big can a Hype project grow. I see by instinc that fragmenting is a good solution. This is what I do in my AudioTech project. So a common ackground is a kee issue here. BUT, how big a Hype project can reach. Can we imagine a 50 Mb project, a 100 Mb project? Since what I do is made available on the Internet, I am convince those with a low bandwidth won’t see my things smootly but, as I say to my friends, on a highway, you don’t run a bycicle.

Thanks for your answers.


Actually, I think your image is only loaded once. You will gain some KB because of the code Hype uses to build the additional scenes. If you’ll look in your exported Hype folder, you’ll see the image (picture file) only appears once no matter how many times it is called for in your project.

Thanks Greg. But I think that if the picture file appears once, one cannot be sure it is not reloaded each time for each scene. I don’t know the structure of a buffer in Hype files.

Many years ago, I used HyperCard and SuperCard to program stacks and I remember that it was possible to have numereous card in a stack bearing the same background. It was so possible to build huge projects having just a single background.

By the way, HyperCard inspired the creator of Hype. This programming environment is a piece of cake… do you agree ?



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Definitely, Hype smokes HyperCard. I used to use HyperCard too.

@gasspence is correct, Hype will only load the image once even if you use it on multiple scenes. If you have Hype Pro a cool way to make scene backgrounds is to use a Symbol or a Persistent Symbol so that if you ever need to make edits you can change it on one scene and have all the other scenes update as well.

Thanks Stephen for your support.