Combining scenes from two or more files


I’ve used Hype to produce several short videos, each with between 3 and 5 scenes.

I now want to produce a few more videos which will consist of scenes already produced in the earlier videos. Is there a way for me to easily re purpose the work I’ve already done?

For example if I wanted to create a new 5 scene animation that consisted of:

Video 3 scene 3, then
Video 2 scene 5, then
Video 3 scene 2, then
Video 1 scene 4, then
Video 1 scene 3.

I can see it’s extremely easy to duplicate a scene in the current video, I just can’t find a way to copy / paste scenes between different video projects.

Thanks so much for any guidance you can provide.

Have all copies of the hype files open and then copy (CMD-C) the scene you want from one and paste (CMD-V) it into the other. This will copy all functions and assets.

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Thank you DBear,

Works exactly like you said.

Much appreciated.