Color shift on import

I’ve bee experiencing this for a couple of years now and have been doing workarounds.

I run a calibrated system. When I output a PSD as a PNG or whatever, the color is consistent across all apps, plus the Finder preview. When it is placed in Hype, the saturation drops noticeably, so if I want the right degree of saturation, I have in insert a HSB adjustment layer in the PSD to compensate for this.

Is there a fix for this?

Does it also look this way in Safari (and/or when viewed standalone in Safari)?

Color spaces are a bit of a nightmare on the web, but I’m happy to take a look if you can let me know what profile your display is using and send the PSD.


Maybe You are not as calibrated as You think.

I go from print to web (including Hype) with zero problems (color fidelity) - my issue is with sharpening, it is all over the map (web issue - typically the highlight edges get popped unpredictably - no consistency).

As the Wise Philosopher said, “There is always something.” ;->

I guess the best compromise is still to use sRGB as destprofile …

I am seeing consistency across browsers. As for cross-platform, that’s a wild card, because folks on the Windows side tend to mess with the settings on their monitors (most commonly, turning brightness way up). Few Mac users use the built-in visual calibration tools and with Windows users it is virtually unheard of. The only way to do it right is for the author to use a properly calibrated system and to use whatever the color sync tools are available (such as what are used with Adobe suites) to achieve consistency across apps. If things look good on our systems, it is the best we can do. We should also be mindful that out-of-the-box Windows machines tend to display colors slightly darker than a Mac.

I will have to experiment with this particular issue. I’ve been using calibration systems for years, beginning at an art services house in Chicago, working on major national accounts on Barco systems and with a Radius PressView system at home. At present I’m using a Spyder5 with a pair of Apple 27s. I’m going to have to do some experimentation to see what is happening.