Color Editor - rounding?

Do we really need the Alpha opacity returned to the thousands? eg,
rgba(243, 160, 0, 0.733)
I just wanted 73%. :slight_smile:

Worse still, I see some colors coming back with alpha set to .999 when I set it to 100%

Also, can we also get other color specs besides HEX and RGBA?
HEXA (8) or HSLA perhaps? thanks!

Wow that's weird... good catch. I'll look into this.

I'd be generally hesitant to add HEXA since it isn't as well supported by browsers... But these make me think perhaps I can add a preference for a preferred representation.


fwiw, I meant this when I mentioned HEXA… (4 and 8 digit HEX that includes Alpha)

… which seems pretty well supported (especially once Edge goes Chromium) and HSLA has been supported for ages.

As a toolmaker we have to be significantly more conservative that a potential user that have a better understanding of their visitors’ tech :slight_smile:. Not having IE/Edge support is pretty much a non-starter for a default feature. (But a preference until Edge gets much wider adoption is another story!)

interesting. well at least there’s less time to wait now that MS confirmed Edge/Chromium for mid January. Not sure how much marketshare/mindshare old IE will still have at least for people building sites in 2020 and beyond… I wonder what the worldwide adoption for old IE vs Edge is these days? Likely less than Opera. :stuck_out_tongue: