Collision detection / Event trigger

Any plans of adding an event action based on the collision of two objects? Would be great to have this type of feature with the ease of implementation of other actions within hype. I know its been brought up using JS but it would be nice to have access to this without having to resort to JS.

From adding sounds based on a collision event to having it run other timelines /actions one could string actions together to do some pretty complex things without having to code.

One the random request would be a simple particle system for generating objects. This combined with the pics would make for the ability to create some very visually dynamic content. I understand browser limitations come into play but if it was used within reason it would be pretty neat.

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I would really like to see “Collision Detection” also. I’m working on games to be used in interactive children’s books created in iBooks Author. As mentioned, if it could be set up as an “action” (just like a tap) and trigger to “Play Sound”, “Start Timeline”, etc, that would be great.

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Do note that are some javascript solutions folks have come up with in these forums as workarounds.