Code Distribution Rules

Im wondering, can I distribute the source code generated by Hype after export to others for free or for sale?

The general answer is yes, as we don’t want restrictions on what users can create. However the EULA actually has a line about using it for “competing software;” knowing your specific use case we can hammer out a brief amendment that is more legally clarifying. I’ll message you.

d. Created Content / Exports from Tumult Software

Content created with the Software and exported (typically via a ‘File > Export’ menu item) is your own to do with what you like. This can include uploading to 3rd party servers or publishing for billions of views. Exported content may in part include portions of Tumult Software, such as runtime libraries. You are granted a cost-free and royalty-free license to use these runtime libraries with two exceptions:

  • This section is not in conflict with a separate contract with Tumult (such as a CPM-based license for ad serving).
  • You do not use any of the runtime libraries for the purpose of creating or improving software that competes with Tumult Software.

You are free to make changes to the exported runtime libraries, but any Tumult-provided support or assistance is waived if you have done so.

Hey @jonathan, thanks for clearing that up.

I don’t intent to distribute any source code generated by Hype with the source of my app (Blocs). I have absolute respect for all of the hard work that has gone into Hype, so no danger of me stepping on toes here :+1:

Blocs has these little add-ons we call Brics that can be made very easily, I was enquiring as I think there may be an opportunity for experienced Hype designers to create content for the Blocs community and package them as customisable Brics.

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@michelangelo has made Hype-based Stacks for RapidWeaver; perhaps some could be ported over? His stacks are not only visually nifty but also expose parameters that end users can control.

@norm I think you need only exported files.
based on the program used, the exported code is modified (via advanced export and some manual modifications) to link the path of the animation and resources and also to a scene/timeline. All the rest with the CSS, colors, borders, filler images, texts (font and style). By connecting a plist to the css you can create an options panel for the end user. Note: each software has its own system to replicate instances with unique IDs (also for additional css) and this serves to avoid conflicts with block instances.

2 examples: Addons for Elementor in WP and the stacks market in Rapidweaver,. in both cases several free contents

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I’ll go digging and take a look.

The Elementor and Rapidweaver add-ons, what do they do exactly? Let you add Hype sequences and edited them further within that design environment?

There is one thing I did not understand, sorry.
Is your final target an expert code user ? Both elementor and Stacks are intended for users without knowledge of the code but need web content.

Both :nerd_face:

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In theory, you can create your own stack able callbacks if you create them in a Blocs export script.