Code Block help needed

Hi everyone…I’m hoping someone can help. I’m going over old ground. I’ve no idea why but Squarespace kicked my embedded Hype project off my page. After uploading via ftp…I’m lost as to why I can’t get it to display again…I’ve put a link and the set the code block to display the source…

I’d be real grateful if a wiser eye could help explain the issue to me and how to resolve it. If I’ve not included enough details about anything, please let me know. My developer game is weak!
Thanks so much,

You have to include it as HTML and not a code block. This is included as if you where to show people how your source is written. An alternative is linking your hype html as a iFrame. I don’t use squarespace so I can’t tell you how you would do it in the interface apart of the theory behind it.

This is a 404:

Can you try these steps?

  1. Embed
  2. Click small code block icon
  3. Click OK

Hi Max / Daniel,
Thanks for the help. Max, I remember previously looking into using iFrame and was advised that the Code block was the way forward...
I've tried that 'embed data' block just now Daniel. After that the site at least shows a container, but it's blank. Would the inclusion of underscores in my filename be having an adverse effect somehow? I've no clue.

You just need to make sure this file exists:

Right now it is not in that folder on the server.