CMD+mouse hover / CMD+mouse click = show / select single element

If you use Photoshop or Sketch you know what I’m talking about! :wink:

The same kind of hotkey would be great to select faster a single element, without looking for it every time and get crazy with groups! :smiley:

I generally like sketch’s hover-over modes to see what the resulting selection from a click will be, but I couldn’t figure out how to do this with Photoshop (which looks more powerful with their guides). Is there some trick to do this in the latest CC?

With smart guides activated and the move tool selected you can see the level where you are hover just pressing CMD in the meanwhile (like in the screenshot), then if you click you select it! :wink:

Is like the Auto-select option but just “temporary”: only while you hold the CMD button.

So I really hope to see this implemented in the future^^

Ah, I see – you need to be in the move tool mode explicitly.

There was definitely discussion of this feature for 3.5 (there was a bug in 3.0 with how we showed groups vs. symbols, so I was revisiting some of our logic), and I’m for having this be a type of mode. (But of course the question for planning releases is how this stacks up vs. the very long list of other features to accomplish!)

Eheh I know :smile: but at least now is in the list :wink:
( and if you think about increasing the team give me a call :stuck_out_tongue: )

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