Closing all sounds in a scene page

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In the early 70’s, I bought a vinyl disk about Claudio Monteverdi’s music. I just saw that on Youtube all the music is available as seperate movies. I imported all the files of the disk with the fantastic MovieSherlock software and put all this in action in a Hype web page which runs perfectly.

The issue is that if I change from tunes to tunes, I must check that all other 9 pieces of music will stop because there is no Close all Sougs in Hype but a per sound close. Said in another way, if I choose track 4 per example, I must close all other tracks that might be playing. This is why you will see all those icon speakers.

I suggest that Hype programmers include such a general close command. You may see this at the following web address.

Thanks for your suggestion and help

JR Thibault


If You are only allowing the play of one track at a time You could use a variable (e.g. “playTrack”) to hold the currently playing track; when another track is selected pause the “current” track (i.e. the variable “playTrack”) and play the newly selected track (which is now assigned to the “playTrack” variable). This way there is no need to check the other tracks.

Think you Jim. I’l try what you suggest. If Ype could come with a command like STOP any sound, that would be great.

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JR Thibault

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