Close timelines on exit viewport

My latest course design is like a scrolling web page where buttons trigger timelines that open text boxes. As you scroll down the page, you have lots of open text boxes. I know I can reverse the timeline on exit viewport but it’s very time consuming with the number of interactions. My design is based on symbols assembled vertically on a page and wondering if there is an easier way to reverse all the symbol timelines on exit viewport

You probably can do something similar to this but close the text box


if you've got an onExitViewport-behavior on a symbol you can easily get its instance by hypeDocument.getSymbolInstanceById(

so this'll allow you to reset timelines within.

Can it be done globally for all timelines with one script?

really depends on your setup

if it's always just the maintimeline within the symbol it'll be as easy as

hypeDocument.getSymbolInstanceById(, 'timeline')
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Did you look at the post I suggested?

I don't quite understand it Mark

Can you post an example project.
That may make it easier to help you.

Hi Mark, It seems Ive gone down the wrong track with symbols, which I cant reverse, so my question is no longer valid. I appreciate your help, Cheers Michael

Yes I saw that.

Not convinced you have gone down the wrong track as even though symbols are mainly to reduce you repeatedly producing multiple elements manually , most actions and coding will not be too dissimilar to what you would use on normal elements.

But up to you if you want me or anyone to have a poke at the symbol setup you have :smile:

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Thanks Mark,
Ive decided to do fewer symbols which has simplified things