Cloning Elements (using drag and no buttons)

Hey everyone,
I’m hoping to gain some more of your collective wisdom and thank you in advance for any direction you may be able to point me. I want to clone/replicate/reproduce an element with the same features as its parent element. I’ve seen this done in Smart Notebook where it is called the “infinite cloner” function. I’m very wary that this sort of feature may have already been discussed on here and apologise if it is coined as something else. Thank you kindly for your assistance.


@h_classen I think he means a symbol?!

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Yes, also fine! :smiley:

Thanks @h_classen and @MaxZieb. I’ve done a mock up by layering the same element on top of itself to mimic the effect I’m after. Drag the dashed boxes to the centre first, then letter tiles onto them (3 layers in file below). The idea is for teachers to have an endless supply of letters and associated drop boxes so they can focus on particular sound families, onset, rime, or more general spelling. cloning source (343.0 KB)
Thanks again for your time and thoughts.

No, hype-elements can not be cloned/created at runtime, at least it’s not supported … what about reusing elements that are no more in use or something simular …

it’s worth a feature request so. or a +1 to an existing request :wink: