Clone Symbol with animations

Continuing the discussion from Clone Symbol in runtime/dynamically (hack):

I already have a working list of thumbnails you can find here:

Equipos > Montacargas / Plataformas > “Pick any option on the left”

In order to make it work, I had to create like 50 symbols and hide them using $(".thumbs").hide();

And using MarkHunte solution:

I am loading a list of functions that set the information contained on each thumbnail.

The thing is, this seems to have a performance impact on both Hype and when you access either “Montacargas” or “Plataformas” there is a noticeable lag, I am guessing from the browser loading all these invisible thumbnails and hiding them.

So, using Cescomare symbol clone hack I was able to create this:
Working Symbol clone (212.1 KB)

And seem like this could solve a lot of trouble since it only need 1 symbol per scene and I can clone this symbol as many times as I need.

But the problem, seems that this cloning technique wont clone the symbol timelines, and custom behaviors don’t have any effect on these new cloned symbols:

Symbol clone (213.0 KB)

I am wondering if this is even posible or I am stuck with my current solution of creating a bunch of symbols first and using them as placeholders.

no good cloning-method yet …