Clipping Images and Background for Rectangles

Hi there,

It would be nice to be able to clip images, suppressing some of its content.
Is it possible?

I can put the image inside rectangles and that is great, but it would be great if I could move the image inside the rectangle - like the offset attribute for the background image of a DIV for instance.

Even better if the background for the rectangle could respond to the rectangle size somehow.

Bruno Accioly

Hi Bruno

Do you mean something like this? (27.9 KB)


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Well… I don’t need the image to be draggable, but it is kind of like this yes.

Some questions:
a) Is it possible to disable the drag for the image?
b) Additionally would it be possible to make the Rectangle enclosing the image responsive?
c) Would it be possible to make the center of the image always to appear on the center of the responsive Rectangle?
d) Would it be possible to have a “point of interest” in the image, so the Rectangle always try to have it in focus? (Ok… that’s maybe asking too much)

e) And how did you manage to do what you did?! =)

Thanks for the quick reply!