Client says replaying multiple times causes issues

I have a web ad I am making that has a lot of animation in it, I am posting it to Dropbox and they’re loading it there and viewing it. However, they’re reloading it one after another—I’m assuming multiple times in a row. They’re saying that when they do that, its not following the animation timeline it should be. The first load is fine, but after reloading it several times in a row, its getting confused.

I’m assuming its because these guys are probably reloading it five to twenty times in a row… Is that an accurate statement? I cannot seem to reproduce the problem they’re having and we’re both on Safari and OS X. If this is the case, that its because they’re loading it twenty times in a row & are confusing it–since its not going to do that when its live, how best can I explain this to them?

These guys are really driving me crazy, since they’re having problems like this that I simply cannot reproduce.

Here’s the Dropbox URL for the live site.

160x600 WebAd v2

Runs okay on my old mac.

Maybe they are on old windows machines ?

I don’t know how old their machine is, but its on OS X 10.11 and Safari 9.1… I’m on the beta versions of both so I’m on OS X 10.11.1 and Safari 9.1.1…

I had her check in Firefox (she doesn’t have Chrome installed) and she couldn’t reproduce it on Firefox so I’m hoping this resolves it…I hope.

She didn’t like my answer that when someone’s viewing a webpage that has that ad, they’re not going to hit reload 5 times in a row… but its the truth…LOL, its gotta be a cache issue I’d assume.

To get the best sense of how it will work in the real world, don’t host on Dropbox – can you move it to a real web server and see if they can reproduce?


That’s got to be it. I don’t have a server to do that but I am packaging it up to have them try it locally–I be they can’t reproduce it and its gotta be the Dropbox that’s causing the issue.

Thanks!!! I bet this resolves it…