Client hates my 'bounce'...need help

I am having a heck of a time getting the bounce right on my thumbprint hearts. The first set looks “okay” to me but the client says its too jerky.

I’ve tried “bounce, ease in & ease out, even tried elastic” and they’re still not happy. I’ve tried lengthening and shortening the times, adjusted the number of ‘bounces’ up and down…and yet it feels like I’m not getting what they’re looking for. The second set of hearts have a bounce too and I’ve tried to mimick what I have at the first half and its really NOT looking as good as the first set of hearts bouncing. The client is saying both sets of hearts don’t bounce natural, and saying its too stiff…not natural…

Any suggestions??

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Hype Source File Here

Hi There. Do you have the actual Hype File? You will get better answers from people if they can see your source. You attached the resources folder and the html page.

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Have you tried a custom easing transition?


I’m sorry, I re-uploaded the wrong file when I wanted to share my revisions, here is the CORRECT working file…


Hype Source File Here

Sorry, I uploaded the wrong file… The source hype file is there now…


See what Daniel wrote above. The easing transition is going to be where you will find your solution. Just play with it until you get the right settings. What exactly does your client not like about your bounce? :slight_smile:

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I honestly couldn’t tell you what their problem is with the bounce. They keep saying its not what they’re looking for but can’t articulate what they want because they’ll know it when they see it. They keep using words like “more natural” and “like its being pulled from a string”.

Unfortunately I got a call literally like 10 minutes ago and they’re ending this project with me. It really grinds my gears because its splitting hairs and I agree, its just adjusting the easing transitions to get it where they want. However, I get an off handed comment that I’m sending too many emails or not doing it the way the art director envisions it (yet the art director doesn’t speak w/ me, its going through the production manager) and we’re not going anywhere…

So unfortunately I got fired from this project… I’m still going to put it on my portfolio, its solid and I think it looks good and I simply don’t understand what they’re looking for, nor do I think they do either.

Thanks for your help, unfortunately its out of my hands. I still welcome advice though, even though I’m no longer working on it for them…I’d still like to see what I can do to it further in getting it more “natural”.


That’s a shame but we have all been through the ringer once. :frowning:

Try playing with your animation transitions as mentioned above.
Also play with the physics a little bit to see how that can create some neat effects

Something I have always done with clients is the old photography bracketing approach.
3 versions
one light one dark and one in the middle.

so in this case you do something with a slight bounce
Something completely different and extreme
and an approach that splits the difference.

Helps when a client can’t see what they want. At least it pulls them into the same ballpark :wink:


thanks for the advice, I think I’ll do that next time… I kept saying we were close but its also their inability to articulate what they want. Sending me links to animation tutorials didn’t help, telling me they’ll know what they want when they see it, wasn’t helping either.

Its still hard to not take it personal, especially since I really need the work and I was learning a hell of a lot in a relatively SHORT amount of time…and while I felt i was close, they felt I wasn’t getting there.

Its been a frustrating week.

If a client is unsatisfiable they will never be pleased with the work. I have come across a a couple people like that in my day. And your right it does stem from them not being able to articulate what it is exactly that they want. As a designer we have to be able to get that specific information out of them.

For future reference, if a client asks you to make something that bounces. Ask for a reference. Sometimes they might say i want it to bounce like a ball. Even though that seems easy enough, everyone interpretation is different. The bounce of a Golfball, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Fooseball, Dodgeball, or Tether ball all vary with extreme differences. Put it on the client to show you exactly what they mean with a visual reference. Then you can mimic that exactly and and have a satisfied client.

Yeah they kept sending me links to samples that looked identical to what i was reproducing yet weren’t happy w/ it…so yeah, they were unsatisfiable to say the least.