clickThrough click and URL direction


I succeed to do html5 banner with Hype. To finish my project I would like to add a Clickthrough.

I Followed this tutoriel:

I tried to add a button with an Action ( Custom ClickThrough ) , but when I try my index.html after an export in local or on server, I don’t have page opened…

Please my project: (692.3 KB)

( I added a button in the project Twint > 160X600 )

Where is the error, in the header or in the function?

Thanks a lot.

I don’t specifically see anything in your head nor are there elements that are calling out to any scripts?

My recommendation instead of the directions would be to install and use the Sizmek Export Script.

After installing, you can simply make an element for your clickthrough and then add a mouse click action with the Custom ClickThrough action:

Then you can export via File > Export as HTML5 > Sizmek….

Hi thank your.

I have the Sizmek Export script, if you export my 160X600 project with sizmek, I have the EBLoader.js call and the JS file in the root. Its not this my problem.

When you are in a browser : Example after export here: (96.9 KB)

I have the click with the cursor but no URL…I have already try the Custom Click Through…Maybe I do a mistake and I forget something in the code… ??

I’ve shot Sizmek a bug report - I can reproduce the underlying issue even with their simple HTML5 Standard Banner examples when modifying it to use a custom clickthrough. It looks like there are issues in the local preview and when previewing on MDX.

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Sizmek has told me:

This is caused by the ad being tested locally. HTML5 ads needs to be uploaded in the platform in order to test it since the HTML5 API sources will be injected into the ad when loaded from the platform.

Additionally if you are on MDX and creating an ad, it must be a specific type that allows Custom Interactions, like the Polite Banner.