Clicktag to show ONLY on CTA at end of advertisement - possible?

I don’t know if this is possible or not?

First of all I have managed to put in a clicktag for Doubleclick for Publishers (I hope). Secondly, It would be awesome to not have the clickTag cursor/ it functioning during the start of the animation - but is this possible or am I restricted to just having it show all the way it? Ideally I would prefer to have the clicktag only show on the button at the ending, not all the way through to the end so it doesn’t confuse anyone or anything.

I exceed the max file size (for some odd reason) but heres a secure and reliable link to download the banner ad:

I’m messaging from my work account. - Ash

Hope I can pick your brains with this one - especially @Daniel and @jonathan , but other feedback and pointers welcome.

Update: It seems that the only way round the clicktag feature not interfering with other surrounding objects is to place the button in a button, rather than a rectangle. I would assume the rectangle is only ideal for one full click tag capture.