Clicktag issue in Doubleclick

Following the lead of previous posts in this forum, I’ve tried to add a clicktag button and code in the head HTML rather than hard-coding. While it validates in the doubleclick validator here, they don’t actually click through.

Any ideas to fix it? or do I need to go back to hard-coding my clicktag in the file’s HTML?

Attaching document that shows the process I was following.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

A couple issues:

  • The <a... tag is likely not large enough to register a click. It is empty and probably has a height of one line of text.
  • The ID of the element (#click) may not be in the DOM, so even if you are setting a click handler to it ‘onload’ the load may not be complete since the Hype scene containing that rectangle + Anchor tag may not be in the DOM and targetable.

I recommend this method: add this to the head

<script type="text/javascript">
var clickTag = ""
function clickURLTriggered() {'clickTag','_blank' );

Then, select your opaque rectangle, and run the following JavaScript in Hype in response to a ‘Mouse Click’ action:


Thanks for your help.

For some reason it’s still not validating. If you wouldn’t mind letting me
know where I went wrong?

Thanks again!

/Scully (36.5 KB)

  • Your old code was still in the inner HTML of the rectangle
  • The JS function that needed to run in response to a mouse click event can have any name (like clickAction), but it needs to run a function:

clickURLTriggered(); (53.5 KB)

Thanks so much!
I really appreciate it.