ClickTag for Google Ad Manager

Hi !
I need help to export for Google Ad Manager. I have the following instructions but I can’t figure out where to put these ids or functions in Hype. When I export, the function seems to go in the .js file. I need help / advice or export script.

Here are the instructions I received from the ad platform :

Banner Element

var clickTag = “[URL]”;
var obj = document.getElementById("[dccbc300x250enr3_hype_container]");
if (obj.attachEvent) {
obj.addEventListener(‘onclick’, function() {,"_blank");});
} else {
obj.addEventListener(‘click’, function() {,"_blank");}, false);

Thanks a lot ! Sorry for my inaccurate English writing skills.

It would probably be good to know the full instructions and where you are getting them from?

You could probably put that in the head HTML, enclosed within a <script> tag. However it does require knowing the correct container name ahead of time, so you probably want to do this in the export version (and not via the ‘Edit Head HTML’ button unless you are sure to name the export a specific way).

Also note that Hype does have an export script for google ads (Doubleclick campaign manager) that can automate a lot of this: