Click problem HTML widget IOS

Hi guys,
my client complains some problems to click a button inside a HTML widget ONLY on IOS.

Do u guys ever had the same problem?
What could be the issue?

This is the link: -> Try ti click Subscribe from iPhone or iPad (insert a fake mail)

somebody can please just tell me if there’s a problem to click “Subscribe” or not?
Cause I have only a old ipad mini and on that it’s working good…
I dunno on a newer model

Works for me!

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thanks Daniel,
even the previous step with check button is working good?
Scroll click etc?

Sorry for the request but i’m living some bad days for this “invisible” problem

It was a little odd – the checkboxes didn’t seem like standard input form checkboxes.

Is there a reason why you have this all within an iframe in Hype? You could probably do this all in a regular rectangle and avoid any oddities that iframes can introduce.

If you’re not able to reproduce the issue I think you’re going to have a hard time fixing it!

I just replace the HTML widget with a regular rectangle with iframe tag in inner HTML to load the url. But i don’t see the different, android works, and the iphone and ipad I’ve tested work well…
I really dunno…