City walk for iPhone

I’m considering to make a city walk for the iPhone. At the start of the walk, participants can download the app and on the way they get explanations for different buildings. On the go most of time no internet is available, so everything has to be on the iPhone. Is something like this possible with Hype 3? It will be a kind of interactive pdf.
Does anyone have experience with this?

Interesting. :thinking:

How is Internet access available at the start and then not available in just walking distance? Eh, it doesn’t matter. Internet access is not necessary once the app is downloaded. GPS should work without Internet access.

By default, no. You’ll need to add JavaScript. That’s how to get the geolocation.

Then, the Hype project would be exported to HTML and then those exported files would be added to a WebView. Basically, you’re making an app with web content.

A JavaScript timer would control the animation. Every few seconds, or even every few milliseconds, JavaScript code would check the current GPS location. If the device is within range, a certain animation is played.

Leaflet.js could be used to keep the coordinates straight. That’s an easy way to integrate an artwork layer. Yet, if you have your own maps, it might be easier to skip that, You’d just need to know the latitude / longitude bounds of your map. If you don’t have a map, then visiting OpenStreetMaps might be helpful.

Anyway, that’s just theoretical. While I have expertise in this area, I haven’t used Hype to do it.

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I have had good luck using Google’s Map API and an HTML Widget
You just need to make sure your browsers location services are turned on.

And then you can put it in a WKWebview in Xcode for the final app.

Thank you for your consideration and suggestions. To me this is a bridge too far and I think it will be a simple pdf on iPhone format.