Circular mask over an object

Hi there!
I know you have already talked a lot about masking elements but I can’t find the solution…
I have a map and an SVG with different grouped lines. I want it to look like the lines are born at the same point and then scatter all over the map so it has an illusion of movement. I’ve grouped the lines and select Overflow-hidden, but the lines also move and that’s not what I want. How can i make the lines to remain static?

Could somebody help me with that?
Thanks a lot! (1.5 MB)

without any animations set, mark your centre start point using two guides like cross hairs.

Then record the group expansion.
Do not stop the recorder after. While still on the last keyframe, select the image and and move it back to the centre point marked by the cross hair guides.

Stop the recording.

What you are trying to do is counter/reverse the movement of the image which is moving with the group.

prueba_mascara.hype (1.5 MB)


Thanks Mark!
That’s what i wanted.


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