Circles with Grandma


Almost 8 years ago, I started creating apps for the iTunes App Store. It was a grueling process. I’d have to wait weeks, just so Apple could reject my app. But now, things are much different. Now, Apple rejects my apps at a much faster rate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After figuring out the changes to WKWebView, iOS changes and macOS changes, I was able to get both the Mac and iOS versions of “Circles with Grandma” approved…


Circles with Grandma is a game that’s based on a Pencil and Paper game I played as a kid. It’s also an example of a Hype-to-app approach to app development – design once, launch to multiple platforms.

It’s also the start of a 10-year mission. Now that the first app is done – a proof of concept – work on more complex projects can begin. The goal is to create 10 apps a year for 10 years. It could be fewer apps if more ambitious projects are undertaken, but the general idea is to always be working.

A lot was learned on this project, so it’s already off to a great start.