Circle Maskin Image

I have looked at all the other posts regarding circular masks but cannot find a solution to this problem.
There is one background image masked by a rectangle with radius set to make it circular. All I want to do is enlarge the circle mask from the centre to reveal more of the image, so could someone tell me why the image moves to the left whilst the circle mask is enlarging please?

Ian (106.2 KB)

in html origin for positions is always left, top ... so you've got to animate the masked pic in the opposition to the mask (69.0 KB)

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Thank you for the reply but I am not quite sure what you mean.


The head of the woman operator bending forward in the image should remain fixed in the centre whilst the circle enlarges to reveal more of the scene.


download my hypefile ... two posts above ...

My apologies for being dim Hans - I downloaded the file and can see what you mean. I tried, initially, to animate the image mathematically but found it is easier just to drag it to the correct position (reverse animation of the mask). Thank you for your help.