Chrome update 50 creates issues when moving element is blurred

Just recently noticed this, and after a bit of research, noticed that the new update did this. On other browsers, everything looks just as usual.

Chrome 50

Since this is not Tumult’s fault, is there a workaround? Or do we have to wait for google to fix this?


48.0.2564.116 is the Publicly available version (at least in El Capitan)

Was v50 installed on your computer or are you on a pre-release?

Blurred edges of images look correct for me in these versions:

  • Chrome Beta: 51 (looks correct)
  • Chrome Canary: 52 (also looks correct)

Can you send your test document? (1.1 MB)

Update May 2: To workaround this issue, check ‘Position with CSS/Left Top’ in the Document Inspector and re-export.

I bet if you add your element to a group, expand the edges of the group, and blur the group instead of the image itself you’ll fix the image issue you’re seeing.

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Not only it was installed on my computer ( by itself) it’s updating on all the computers here at my agency. Is it not the latest stable release?

Anyway, that could work. I’ll come back soon with the test document.

Very odd – Maybe someone at Google doesn’t like me…

Attached a test document above.

I just noticed that it only happens when the blurred image is moving.

I used your test to show that ( here, on chrome 50, I’m still having the issue) blurtest (1.0 MB)

Adding it to a group and blurring the group fixed it. Of course it’s not ideal, but It’s a great workaround for now. Thanks!

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When I download the latest from Chrome’s site, I only get 49.0.2623.112. I have a feeling you’re part of a test group that gets Chrome updates early in a sort of staged rollout (which I can’t confirm from a quick search). What is the exact version your computers are updating to?

When I opened this page to take a screenshot, it said it had just installed a new update and it needed me to relaunch.

I did, and the problem is still there.

@Carlosnewblue @Daniel

Ditto here - Chrome v50.

To workaround this issue, check ‘Position with CSS/Left Top’ in the Document Inspector and re-export.

We’re looking into this…

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FYI this is a chrome bug. The dev/canary channel has a fix, but it doesn’t appear complete. The workaround of turning on CSS left/top positioning in the document inspector is the best course of action at this time if you encounter the bug.

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