Chrome update 50 creates issues when moving element is blurred

(Carlos Eduardo) #1

Just recently noticed this, and after a bit of research, noticed that the new update did this. On other browsers, everything looks just as usual.

Chrome 50

Since this is not Tumult’s fault, is there a workaround? Or do we have to wait for google to fix this?


Blur effect with motion path

48.0.2564.116 is the Publicly available version (at least in El Capitan)

Was v50 installed on your computer or are you on a pre-release?

Blurred edges of images look correct for me in these versions:

  • Chrome Beta: 51 (looks correct)
  • Chrome Canary: 52 (also looks correct)

Can you send your test document? (1.1 MB)


Update May 2: To workaround this issue, check ‘Position with CSS/Left Top’ in the Document Inspector and re-export.

I bet if you add your element to a group, expand the edges of the group, and blur the group instead of the image itself you’ll fix the image issue you’re seeing.

(Carlos Eduardo) #4

Not only it was installed on my computer ( by itself) it’s updating on all the computers here at my agency. Is it not the latest stable release?

Anyway, that could work. I’ll come back soon with the test document.


Very odd – Maybe someone at Google doesn’t like me…

Attached a test document above.

(Carlos Eduardo) #6

I just noticed that it only happens when the blurred image is moving.

I used your test to show that ( here, on chrome 50, I’m still having the issue) blurtest (1.0 MB)

(Carlos Eduardo) #7

Adding it to a group and blurring the group fixed it. Of course it’s not ideal, but It’s a great workaround for now. Thanks!


When I download the latest from Chrome’s site, I only get 49.0.2623.112. I have a feeling you’re part of a test group that gets Chrome updates early in a sort of staged rollout (which I can’t confirm from a quick search). What is the exact version your computers are updating to?

(Carlos Eduardo) #9

When I opened this page to take a screenshot, it said it had just installed a new update and it needed me to relaunch.

I did, and the problem is still there.


@Carlosnewblue @Daniel

Ditto here - Chrome v50.


To workaround this issue, check ‘Position with CSS/Left Top’ in the Document Inspector and re-export.

We’re looking into this…

(Jonathan Deutsch) #12

FYI this is a chrome bug. The dev/canary channel has a fix, but it doesn’t appear complete. The workaround of turning on CSS left/top positioning in the document inspector is the best course of action at this time if you encounter the bug.