Chrome Issue Report

Hi, i build a display ad in hype and checked it in the Chrome Broser. It works but it showed me an issue about "User Agent string". (see attached screenshot)

Does anyone know what that means?

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It means Tumult has some work to do. :smile:

Basically, nothing happened yet, but it looks like Google / Chrome is catching up to Safari by reducing the amount of information provided by User-Agent, in order to limit “Fingerprinting” users. In other words, using specific browser information to track users.

It doesn't look like a major change. It is kinda tedious to get the browser name and version. I'm not exactly sure what Tumult is doing to detect the environment, so I'm not sure what will happen if they don't update their code. Perhaps nothing, perhaps the browser detection would fail. I'm thinking if it's the latter, that still might not be a problem, because then it's a newer browser and newer features should just work.

Anyway, this is really a question for Tumult, but good looking out — nice to see you're checking your console messages.


Thanks for the report. The message is harmless; Hype content (and the browser detection it needs to do with this call) is not affected by the userAgent string reduction and will continue to work correctly.

We have updated the detection method for the next update to Hype so this warning will no longer be shown.

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Yes.... it seems they intentionally made it tedious to try to avoid the problems that came with userAgent string checking... Lovely stuff when you care about every little byte in a runtime :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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