Choppy exported video

Hi, I have a document with an inserted 25fps mp4 video, when I export the document as a 25fps video, the inserted video looks choppy compared to the original.

Inspecting the exported video frame by frame, it looks like Hype is removing every other frame from the inserted video.

When previewing the document in a browser, the inserted video looks fine.

Any ideas?

i guess it kind of makes sense,

If hype runs at 30fps and you drop it down to 25 then I would expect the video portion to get chopped also…

But I am no expert on this so I may be wrong

It might be useful to see the .hype document and video you get.

I do believe older versions of Hype did have an issue where it didn’t interpolate the frame rate properly and could look choppy, but this bug was fixed in v3.5.0. If you are running a lesser version, please upgrade to the latest (v3.6.7).

Hi all, thanks for replying!

I’m using of Hype Pro 3.6.7 (596). Here’s the hype document along with the exported video file:

Thanks for the files - very easy to see.

At first I thought the issue was in the video export the frame time we were supplying to the video element did not match the time for the video, but with 25fps it is so cleanly divisible (0.04 for each frame) that is clearly not the problem!

I found the real issue is that the render of the video may not be complete at the time we take the capture; setting the video’s currentTime can simply take a bit of time. I’ve added a delay for capturing if we find a video on the frame, and that solves the problem (as long as the computer isn’t under considerable load).

Unfortunately I don’t think there any way to work around this issue with the current version. Maybe an iMac Pro could solve it :wink:. You’re welcome to join the v4 beta, as this fix will be in the next build.


Thanks Jonathan, can’t wait to give the beta a try! :grinning:

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