Choose Image with java script?

I have created this example, it works wonderfully. But if I want to extend the question game, the timeline becomes long and the file possibly a lot more confusing.
Here comes my question, this could probably be solved very elegantly with Java script. I've searched the forum but haven't found anything that satisfies my request. It could be that I am not searching for the appropriate keywords, as I simply do not know them.
Does anyone have a suggestion for me, easily explained, to create the functionality in Java Script. For this, the images and the associated texts would probably have to get IDs and then be displayed in the defined space. The challenge is: I need several scenes, and when I come back to this scene, the previously made selection should still be there. Is this possible?
Since it will remain just a mock up, there is no need to evaluate the selected data or store it externally.

Super dear thanks for examples (74.3 KB)

Simple Layer Revealer (switcher) - Template Gallery - Tumult Forums may fit your needs :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link. These examples are really very interesting and almost do what I want. I am trying, without really understanding anything about java script, to adapt this for my needs. I have formulated questions about the examples below these.