Check this one out:

This one was fast and fun to develop.

will make a mobile version soon


Well done, great scheme, and it loads quickly.

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Wow, that’s absolutely fantastic! Are you going to use the responsive layout feature for the mobile version?

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Thanks!! yes I will use a responsive layout. But theres a frame with wordpress that I will need to layout for mobile too. If we could insert objects (ie header, navigation, post… etc) in the scene that will export to a wordpress theme or be feed by a wordpress install, that would be so much appreciated by a lot of us. There isn’t a gui for wordpress that doesn’t suck. Yet.

Nice graphics, @ocultor! What are you using for the animated star field?

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Yes it’s a cool effect. It’s got a couple of keyboard and mousewheel events … too


What I found fascinating was as the scenes changed, the stars also changed in their perspective.

there is a lot of jquery and js stuff floating around that integrates so good with Hype, I’m brewing more artsy sites. This brings freshness in a header-nav-content-footer-scroll variation plagued world… I really love it