Charts / Charting Libraries + Hype?

Hi There,

I’m relatively new to Hype (Have played around with it before, but have never taken on a full scale project with it) At Barricade we design critically acclaimed Security Infographics, but have yet to make them interactive - Hype is my tool of choice, so far, to put this in motion; I’m currently working on our first series of interactive infographics with Hype.

However, my first speedbump seems to be the integrations of charting library and getting charts / graphs to work seamlessly with heap?

Has anyone previously got charts to work with Hype?, I’m wondering if anyone has any insight, or examples on how to approach.

I’ve been playing around with Chart.js (HTML 5 Charts) and d3 but have not had much success with getting either of the two libs to work fine with Hype docs.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Here is an example of D3 working inside of Hype - not exactly an interactive chart but if you know D3.js at least it will show you how to combine the two tools. (62.5 KB)

Interesting, thank you @drewbullen - Has given some insight into working with static SVG :slight_smile: also interested to see interactive charts working with d3; I’m sure implementation wouldn’t be far off this.