Changing visibility of two elements at the same time using hover

Hello there,

Im new to hype and didn’t find an existing post in the forum so:
I animated a diagram. I also put a legend below saying the word “import”.
I want the word import to turn white and the diagram to turn up its visibility at the same time while hovering over the word import or the diagram. Is this possible without java script? It sounds easy but im really confused.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile: !


  • Create a “Mouse Over” action and choose “Start Timeline”.
  • Then create 1 or 2 timelines, depending on your needs, and animate your changes. (Text to white and opacity from 0 - 100% (or whatever’s needed) )
  • Then from step one choose 1 or both timelines.

When you hover over the legend they should then animate as per your setup.

You can choose multiple actions by clicking the plus sign.