Changing vector shape starting point

I had this idea (which always gets me into trouble) to draw a vector arrow (tail to point - line draw 0 to 100), then undraw the tail (line draw 100 to 50). Since this probably makes no sense, here is a GIF I created using 2 arrows (blue is tail to point, green is point to tail) to demonstrate what I am after.


my question - is there anyway to do this with a single vector shape?

Hype document of the example follows
vector (14.5 KB)


vector (11.8 KB)

you can work with dash and gap instead of a solid path. please do a read up in the documentation for vector shapes:
////additional link on the topic:
Reveal a svgpath with dash and gap

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In addition to the dash/gap method, for this case you can also have the line draw exceed 100% to achieve this effect -- probably animating to around ~140% would work. This just has to be manually input into the text field since the line draw slider only allows entry from 0 - 100%.

excellent - thank you Jonathan! That is exactly the effect I was looking for.

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