Changing timeline reset parameters

Hi all,

When working on a scene with multiple timelines I often find it hard to keep track of the position of my elements.
This is due to the fact that when I switch from one timeline to another, the timeline I was on previously resets itself at 0s. This is a problem for me because my current project is made up of 1 scene which is roughly 4000px in height, I then have my elements fade in as I move down the page. This often turns into a nightmare due to the fact that because my timelines reset when I’m not using them, I can only ever see one of my elements at a time, which makes positioning a real pain.

Any fixes or pointers would be welcome

Item properties are based on their values at the current position of the playhead on the main timeline.

I understand that this can be not desired for editing; the issue comes about because timelines are more like “streams of animations” that can happen based on any number of arbitrary events and different timelines can intersect with each other, so there’s not too much we can confidently use as values to populate when editing timelines. Our best idea was the playhead of the main timeline.

Hi Jonathan,

It does sound like the best solution, thanks for the info.