Changes in one timeline effects all timelines

I have a problem with the timelines.
I need different timelines with similar timelineactions. Let’s call it timeline1, timeline2, …
So I copy the Informations from timeline1, make a new timeline (timeline2) and paste the Information into timeline2. Then I remove the timelineactions in timeline2 (because they influence timeline1) and create new timelineactions for timeline2. But now the timelineactions in timeline1 are changed too.

This is the same if I change another timeline. One change effects all timelines.

Am I doing something wrong?


That does not sound normal behaviour.
Can you post an example project which this has occurred.

Or are you talking about timeline 2 changes elements in the scene when you expect them to be controlled by timeline 1.

Thanks for your answer. It’s really weird. But I have found out that it is apparently only a misrepresentation of the terms. Because everything works fine when I export it to chrome or safari.

Do you mind sending a zip of the .hype document where this is happening and perhaps with this document step-by-step instructions on reproduction? (Or a quick screen capture might be great too). Thanks!