Change width of an object in a timeline while keeping height relative?

My main timeline has a shape that slowly grows and shrinks in a loop. On mouseover I want the object to twirl–that is, quickly change the width to 0 and back a few times, with the height staying at whatever point it was on the main timeline. After the twirl the main timeline resumes with the growing and shrinking.

The problem I’m having is that when the twirl timeline finishes the shape ends up with the width and height not matching, and the shape stays distorted until the end of the main timeline.

Any ideas? Is this even possible?

pulsing logo (24.2 KB)


This worked for me: For the “Slice 1” element…
Added the (“Pause Timeline” > “Main Timeline”) action to both the “On Mouse Down” & the “On Mouse Over” event handlers.


Works for me too. Thanks, Jim!

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