Change text inside persistent symbol with Javascript

This seems like it would be so simple… but I can’t figure it out…

Basically, I have a persistent symbol ID “game” with a text field inside with ID “win_heading”

On load I fure a script and write

hypeDocument.getElementById(“game”).win_heading.innerHTML=“my text”;

Is my syntax completely wrong… please can someone help?

Thank you!

not completely.

You cannot chain “getElementById()” and also you don’t need to use the “game” ID as you can just use it on “win_heading”

hypeDocument.getElementById("win_heading").innerHTML = "my text";

If you need/want to chain it up and restrict to the “game” element then you can do something like:

hypeDocument.getElementById("game").querySelector("#win_heading").innerHTML = "my text";
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Thank so much! Worked great :wink: