Change scene on mouse wheel

is it possible to switch between scenes on mouse wheel?

I have a presentation of several slides that must be able to be navigated both from ipad (and for this I have set the scene change with scrolling up and down) and from the desktop, and in this case I need the scene change on mouse wheel.

Thanks for your attention and for any advice

Maybe arrow keys would work?

...but if you really want to use the mouse wheel, there's the "Wheel" event...

Yes. Unfortunately, however, I don't know where to start with "wheel event", because I'm not a programmer.
Do I have to call it in each scene through a function?

Have a look at this post and the entire thread for that matter:

Maybe that helps

Hello @MaxZieb,

thanks for the feedback, your solution seems to be the right one for my project.

I have two issues, with respective questions:

1- the project contains popups which, when opened, should block mouse swiping. Is it possible to write a function - which blocks the swiping of the mouse - which I can call with the buttons that start the popups, and a function - which reactivates the swiping of the mouse - which I can call with the "close" button inside the popup?

2- To the reverse swipe (prev): if I perform an "energetic" swipe, the behavior is what I expect: the slides break down completely, on exit. However, if I do a "lighter" swipe, the slides will partially break up (video below). How can I fix this behavior?

Concerning (1)… you can store/delete a variable in hypeDocument when you open/close a popup and then check against it in the next and prev functions. Something like:

// at beginning of function (next/prev)
if (hypeDocument.popupOpen) return;

or if it is a specific timeline that opens the popup you could do that check against the timeline…

// at beginning of function (next/prev) check if popup timeline is not at time index 0
if (hypeDocument.currentTimeInTimelineNamed('myPopupTimeline')!=0) return;

I think I understand the logic, but I don't know where to start to write the function. Could you help me?

I copied the string at the beginning of the "next" and "prev" functions, is that correct?