Change Layout responsive width

(enricofra) #1

I have a problem with a complex work I’ve almost finished. I created multiple Layouts for different screen sizes but after finishing I discovered that the width ranges I set are not the right one for the website where this thing should be mounted.
In particular, the larger width covers “1230px and above” but it should be “1100px and above” .

My problem is: I cannot find the field where to change this value!!!
Is there a place, right?!?! :slight_smile:

Please help me!
Thanks, thanks thanks!
(v. Hype Pro 3.5.3)

(Mark Hunte) #2


It is there, maybe in the layout inspector.
I cannot tell you 100% as I will not be in front if hype for a few days🙄

But wanted to assure you it exists…


Mark’s memory does not deceive him :slight_smile:

It is in the scene inspector when you have a layout selected, entitled ‘Breakpoint width’. As you adjust this, you may want to also adjust your scene size to match it.

(enricofra) #4

Thank you Mark and Daniel, settings found!
The problem I guess was in the language since in italian it has been translated with the english meaning of “Interruption width”, which, in the context of responsiveness, doesn’t mean much…
By the way, problem solved!

@Daniel: no, actually I don’t want to use the same width as the object size since it is a map with pretty large margins and I want it to stay the same size until I have space to crop. This was the origin of the problem actually, I feared that Hype used the layout size as a breakpoint and not a different value. Fortunately, at Tumult they thought it right :wink:


Glad that did the trick. Can you recommend a better translation?

(enricofra) #6

@Daniel: Oh yes! :slight_smile:
Since programming languages like CSS and HTML, even if considered “languages” usually cannot be translated, in italy (as in many non-english speaking countries I suppose) in most cases they remain in english.
As an example of what I’m saying, take a look at the title of this post on an important italian tech blog:
So you should translate width (in italian: larghezza), and not breakpoint, hence “Larghezza Breakpoint” is fine for me.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #7

Thanks; I’ve adjusted the labels to say “breakpoint” in the Italian localization for the next release. Let us know if there’s any other parts of the localization that aren’t sensible!