Change hype doc back to hype 2.5 compatibility

(Mark Hunte) #1


I opened a Hype 2.5 doc in Hype Pro but made sure I did not save anything. I did not even change any thing but just needed to reference some stuff.

I still use Hype 2.5 on another Mac that cannot upgrade from 10.6. The Hype docs are stored on Dropbox. And I have to alter them often on the fly on that one machine.

The problem now is just the act of opening them has changed them so that the hype 2.5 tells me they are incompatible.

Is the any way of fixing this…

(Olof Pock) #2

Yes you can. Go into the package of your Hype document (right click) and open data.plist in a text editor. Find the document version string:


and change them to your Hype 2 version. You can see the right version number in the Hype info panel: Version 2.5.3 (344).
No guarantee it’s working in all cases, especially when you changed fundamentally program code in Hype 3 Pro.

Good Luck.


(Mark Hunte) #3

You beauty.

Believe it or not I had tried that. But it did not work. I realise now it was because I just change the 4 to a 3 rather than the whole number thinking that was the major number part. Doh.

Thanks for making go back and do it properly

(Mark Hunte) #4

Spoke too soon.

I had fiddle with one earlier and had change the single number as I said which did not work.
I then went through the plist removing items that I thought was setup for the Pro.
Still did not work. But when you mentioned doing the whole number that same document showed up.

So I Quit hype changed the number in a fresh copy of the document with out all the plist changes. And what showed up I thought was that. But alas it was the original one opening again.

So just changing the number does not work. But I need to figure out the rest of the plist correctly as at the moment the Scenes are blank as are the thumbnails for there place holders.


When you open your document in an upgraded version, the document is upgraded, so unless you have a backup I don’t think you can get an earlier version back.

(Mark Hunte) #6

Hi Daniel,

I just with a sigh of relief found my TimeMachine had backed everything up. I Restored it from there. And zipped the originals, which I will do for each change from now on.

I guess this is the expected behaviour but a warning before hand with a do or don’t open would have saved me the heart attack… We live and learn :smile:


(Jonathan Deutsch) #7

There’s a really good chance this won’t work correctly. Not only is this entirely unsupported, but it is likely to lead to crashes and data corruption. Please don’t do this!

(Mark Hunte) #8

Agreed, my time playing with the plist showed the changes are too many to revert if you do not know exactly what they are all for and have about a century.

It would be nice if tumult gave you the option to convert or not. Before it converts the file
To be honest even if it has to convert to display the 2.5 doc the option to to revert should not be that hard to do if a copy is made by the ap of the plist somewhere like the application support.

(Olof Pock) #9

Hi Jonathan,
thanks for the advice.
I was forced one day to this dirty trick, because we was working with different Hype versions and had no chance to upgrade (procurement takes a lot of time here). The version bump was little (from 2.5.0 to 2.5.3.) and I had never problems to provide my colleagues with the newer one.

Since my team mates waiting for an upgrade to Hype Pro the problem is going bigger since I’m working with the latest version. Meanwhile I shuttle between 3 versions of Hype and often an older file get automated opened by the latest version by mistake.

Maybe there is a way like other application doing a downgrade in the save as process like Indesign, Illustrator or Word?

Secondly I do not understand the use case of Hype Pro 3 and Hype. A mixed use in a group of people ist useless because there is no way to save a Pro document from a regular version. Can you explain a little more whats the background of this decision was? I would love to see more backward compatibility less version issues.


(mrrussellhead) #10

I’m facing an extremely similar problem and would love to see one final update to hype 2.5 to help open documents without all the fancy new stuff if required. Seems unlikely though.


Ha ha… I’ve certainly tried this at home. It didn’t seem as dangerous as trying this at home.

(mrrussellhead) #12

Did it work for you? I’m scared…nearly as scared as this man who is also doing dangerous things:


I tried changing document versions and there was a strong concern of document corruption. This seems like a method of last resort, when no other options are available. Time Machine makes me brave, but this method leads to a dangerous area. It didn’t feel as dangerous as playing with explosives, as I could simply restore the file. That’s as far as I went though. Even though I could force open a document, it felt too unstable to build on.

Opening the document is one thing – building on that document is something else. I don’t recommend that. It seems like building a house on sand, near the ocean.

Web development is often a matter of solving problems. This method adds potential trouble, making it more difficult to figure out what’s going wrong if something breaks. I can easily see why Tumult says its unsupported.

(mrrussellhead) #14

I bought a new mac instead, was about time really.