Change color all scenas for u button

I would like to know how to activate if I choose some colors for the background to all scenes with the configurator menu and Colorpicker.

Can you clarify what you’re trying to do? Are you trying to set the background color of all scenes by changing one color? You may want to create a symbol and place it behind everything…

Aqui es un ejemplo como puedo cambiar un color seleccionado para todas escenas! (32.1 KB)

The way you would want to do this is to have a Persistent Symbol on all of your scenes. This will preserve its value across scene transitions.

This very well but I have a doubt that if you can modify the contents. I give you an example that I want to make a template for accessibility for visually impaired people who can choose these options that can change the color in the background and text. But the contents are different for each scene. I hope that if it is very useful for my project. It is also very good for alternative without Javascript code.

Gotchya - for foreground elements it would be a little bit more tricky.

An approach with a small amount of code would be to have timelines that have keyframes for the two different colors. On Scene Load (or when a button is pressed) you could check a state variable and choose to go to the light keyframe time or a dark keyframe time.

An approach with a bit more code but less in Hype would be to assign elements that need to change colors a class name. Then you could edit the text of a tag to change the CSS (with !important directives) that would have the coloring.

There’s a lot of different approaches beyond this of course :slight_smile:.

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