Centre Justify New Layouts?


Is possible to set Hype to justify new layouts to the top &centre of my current page instead of top & left edge?


Do you mean new elements? Are you referring to pinning setting when you first add an element?

Or are you referring to the orientation of the Hype scene where the left edge is pinned to the left side of the viewport if the size of the browser is too narrow for the browser.

Hi Daniel,

No, I mean when I add a new layout (ipad or iPhone) it resizes page to the top and left. Because my web page is centre aligned I have to move all the content and reposition in the new page layout and reposition all my guides.

Is there a way to have the new layout appear top and centre to my previous layout


a good compromise
Create a group of all elements of the scene
Creates a new layout
Centers the group
Clears the groups

Thanks Michelangelo, that’s the workaround that I ended up using, I was wondering if I’d missed some obscure setting for customising the rulers to set justification to centre.