Centered type should expand both sides of type container and remain centered

(Van Secrist) #1

I have type specified to be center aligned. When I edit the type, it expands the text container to the right. This forces me to manually go in and re-center the text container.

The desired behavior is to have the text container grow equally from the left and right sides thereby maintaining it’s position on the canvas.

(Apologies if I have categorized this improperly.)

(Van Secrist) #2

Adjusting the type specs (point size, letterspacing etc.) should also have the same desired effect.

(Greg) #3

I’m not seeing this. How are specifying ‘center aligned’? I have a text box and if I use the “Center” option in the Typography Inspector, it works as expected (the text box expands from the center).

(Van Secrist) #4

What is strange is that after I posted the above comment, I later encountered the text container behaving exactly as I thought it should.

I also posted the comment before I realized how grouping works (entering a grouping by double-clicking). It’s possible that I got thrown off by the alignment guides showing an alignment that I thought was the center, but was actually another object. I’m going to keep working on my file and if I figure out how to duplicate what I encountered, I will post the steps.

Possibly it’s a bug, but since it is only my second full day working with the program it may really be user error.