Catalina Compatibility Issues

OSX Version - Catalina 10.15
Hype Version - 4.0.1

( crash reports were sent to Apple and through the Hype built in reporter )

I upgraded to Catalina this morning after seeing the announcement post saying that Hype 4 fully supported Catalina. Pretty quickly after opening the project it crashed when trying to select multiple objects at the same time. At first it was reproducible just by doing that consistently. I received the error (_needsGeometryInWindowDidChangeNotificationCount) on the Apple crash reporter. (I don’t have the full message because it stopped appearing now and I forgot to copy the whole report then). After reopening the project multiple times the same error started to happen in other situations that seemed unrelated.

After this I decided to test it out a little and I could replicate the error in a fresh Hype file just by importing 20ish random png’s and then trying to select them at the same time. I reinstalled Hype multiple times, found and deleted all of the hidden files in the library folder, and changed Hype files multiple times. The issue persisted through all of this.

Unless there was some pretty dramatic corruption of the OS during the upgrade (which doesn’t seem likely since the only program that has had problems is Hype) this seems like a big problem. Any feedback on what could be causing this, notification if this is known issue, or advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Sadly I cannot attach the Hype file it happened on originally but the problem is reproducible on my machine just by creating a fresh file, importing a png into the scene, copying it ~20 times, and then trying to select them all at once.

Thanks for the help!

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I can reproduce this – thanks for reporting. We’ll look into this and see what the issue might be!

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Good to know it’s reproducible! Good luck.

We have worked around this macOS system bug in the upcoming Hype 4.0.2. It should be released in a few days. There is a beta available now; if you are not part of the program and want (or need!) access please let me know.

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For now I think I’ll just wait on the official stable build if its only going to be a couple days. I’m glad ya’ll were able to identify the problem.

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Hype 4.0.2 and 3.6.10 will be released tomorrow morning!


Hi @Jonathan,

Thanks for upgrade, is there a news category to introduce new features please? I just checked, but not found. actually, I quite concern about the upgrade and features introduction.


What’s New in Hype 4.0.2 Pro (build 656)

Bug Fixes

  • Runtime API for hypeDocument.currentSceneId()
  • Scene element is now sent for code-based HypeSceneLoad/HypeSceneUnload events as it is for the javascript functions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed macOS 10.15 Catalina crash that could stop some documents from opening
  • Exports using Motion Paths will again use the thin runtime instead of requiring the full runtime
  • Exports use v3’s behavior of selecting the smallest layout to show first to work better with wordpress/embeds
  • Fixed issue where swipe handlers could interfere with scrolling on iOS 13 and Android
  • Reduce accidental dismissal of the Math Equation Timing Function editor
  • Fixed issue where swap transitions may not work if called via API
  • Removed Math Equation from erroneously showing up in the Standard edition of Hype
  • Fixed issue where Export Script actions would show up in the Standard edition of Hype
  • Clicking on a rotation slider near 0 degrees will use negative numbers instead of jumping to a large angle
  • Attempt to fix a crash on quit on macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Additional HTML Attributes table columns are resizable
  • Fixed bug where text may disappear after editing on macOS 10.12 and below
  • Fixed issue where inspector pane title was clipped on macOS 10.10
  • Fixed issue where the Done button could not be clicked if the inspector title was at its smaller size
  • Mac App Store restore purchases will notify if there’s nothing to restore instead of spin endlessly
  • Fixed a crash checking for previous versions of the Mac App Store edition of Hype
  • Improved cursors showing up correctly
  • The Hype application will not show up as an external editor
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It’s out!

More info here:

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