Cardiac catheterization procedures

I have created 3 animations to show some catheterization procedures


Nice work showing the process and integrating curved paths along side the SVG imagery!

Really beautiful work!

Thank you
I am preparing an english version and I will post a link here soon


Absolutely wonderful. Many patients wish they were shown a simple explainer like this before undergoing a stenting procedure! Unfortunately I know all too well…
If this wasn’t a work for hire you should license this to cardiologists that specialize in catheterization!

Bravo! Great work on using the latest features of Hype to demonstrate the process. Btw, sidenote; the wordpress site is not secure.

The Hype 4 improvements in path edition and animation allowed this

Thank you very much!

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I agree with you. I have created an english version in my portfolio to reach more clients

I will forward your advice to the client

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Beautiful work! (However, I am really happy that my heart is in great shape) !

Beautiful, simple and effective illustration and animation work. Congratulations