Card Style List


Not sure if someone had mentioned about ‘card style’ list before.

I am trying to build a card style list, like the one used by Twitter and Gmail app on Android. I know I can do it if I make it natively with android studio, but I want to try to achieve the same effect with Hype Pro because I have developed so much on Hype already.

I looked at Android L UI Interface on the Tumult blog, which is a good starting point, but I need an infinite list, like the Gmail android app or twitter app.

Anybody here have any idea on how to do this. Can you please create a template?

0.1 bitcoins to the best, easy to understand template.

Thank you.

While looking for the solution, I found the solution. Posting it up here:

card list (52.1 KB)

This will do the job for me. Anyone has a better solution?