Capture Current Scenes with same dimensions Replaces Instead of Adding

Im not sure why this is happening, but if I have 5 scenes and they are with the same dimensions 1080x1080 and I wanted to capture every scene by clicking the button "Capture Current Scene" doing so I noticed the process replaces the image instead of adding different scenes to make 5 separate captures in the resources pane.

Not sure if this feature was meant to be designed this way, if it wasn't a feature update would be cool in this case which is to capture same size scenes instead of replacing them and naming them according to scene name?

There was this thread about it a while ago..

But what may help in the mean time.

Capture scene 1,
The select the image in the resource library,
Drag and drop it outside of hype and into the finder. .i.e on the Desktop

The file will land on the Desktop as a copy of the original.

Repeat for all scenes.

Then do whatever you intended with the ones on the desktop. i.e drop them all back into the hype resource library ( probably renamed )

***Note I found that I had to close the Hype project and reopen it first before I could get them all to drop back in. Probably related to Hype tracking the files.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 21.31.15

Yeah the manual procedure "one at a time" of course, I was aware of it. Reading that thread is like trying to find a 'needle in a haystack' as they say, no offense to Max but he tends to digress into topics that may/not be related, plus, I have no Idea what it is he's pointing out with polls. I was just looking for Hype to save all of the screenshots in the resources pane no matter if the scene sizes are the same based on the name of the scene.

Also because hype saves them in retina size, what I normally do is I open the image with photoshop and size it down, That said, there needs to be switch/option to not save as retina screenshots.

Capture was mainly intended for a poster image of the animation -- so basically for any animation the idea would be there'd only be one per size class.

However in practice (and from discussion in the thread) it seems there's a lot of sharp edges and other ways in which the capture functionality could be made use of.

Basically @MarkHunte's advice is the way to go for now until future updates for this feature.

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So basically the focus was on different size layouts.

My apologies for going on about this, one thing to note, as I reiterate/reinforce the thought, while different layouts do tend to export based on different dimensions, when it comes same size scenes they’re being replaced one by one? Just think about it.

Anyhow, I’m glad this feature will be upgraded in the future versions of Hype, the sooner better :slight_smile:

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