Can't validate html5 ads

I’m working in some ads creatives and I have to validate them using the tool here. The only problem it detects is that I’m using an external file, referring to the font. I guess Typekit will be capable of handling this, it is made for it but I’d like to ask this community for past experiences, did this cause a problem? Did it turn ok for you?

The detailed problem is:

Relative asset check
The creative calls a file hosted by a third party, which could be an issue if the third party cannot handle the high server load that display campaigns typically generate. To learn more about the referenced file and to confirm that the third-party server will be able to handle the load, contact the creative developer.

More details:
Source: EXTERNAL_FILE_REFERENCED found in index.html:

Also: When sending the export to a workmate, the preview is completely blank. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I tried changing the fonts, but same result. This is one of my files: (335,0 KB)

This is my complete Hype document.
Mercadillos (852,1 KB)

Thanks for any hint of any experienced user.

Solved partially!
Ok, after bothering several people it turns out they were not decompressing the -zip file, so they won’t see anything because they were opening the .html file in a TEMP directory!

The problem with teh tool remains. I’ll keep you posted.
(Edited “& export looks blank” from topic title).

I know that Google doesn’t allow external script references that aren’t pre-approved. Can you choose a Google Font equivalent for this case?

Hi Daniel, thank you for your reply.

I really should be using this fonts since this is the corporate tipography and any others should be used. I’ll contact Typekit support to see what can be done or if they can guarantee they will handle the server load.

Typekit replied to me that they can handle the load perfectly but also that it depends on the page views. Our current plan included in Adobe Creative Cloud subscription covers us up to 500.000/month. Enough for our current endeavours.

So I can’t validate with this tool, but there is no problem after all.

It’s not up to Typekit, it’s up to Google’s ad policies.

Check out: and – they recommend for custom fonts to use the actual font files, and don’t talk anywhere about external font services that leverage JavaScript.

This page recommends Google Fonts Specifically:

I think your best bet is to export any text you want as either SVG files or as an optimized PNG.

Export or raster texts for the amount of sizes and campaigns we do would be tedious. We can deliver maybe ~5 campaigns every week, each one in three to seven languages, and 10 to 14 different sizes per language. Thats makes hundreds of banners every week :slight_smile:

Maybe the best solution is to look up for the right licensing for this font,Typekit is just one of the services licensing fonts and if you need a specific font to use a lot, maybe it will be worth the price.

If Typekit (or some other font provider) lets you download the font files, that would work, but it’s not really up to Typekit, it is up to the way that you embed the font. Hope you can find a solution!

Typekit doesn’t let me download the files, but they allow me to use them integrating the fonts in the Hype document as instructed in Hype manuals. Then it’s all a matter of licensing; the cost depends on page views.

Also found my preferred font in, they have a specific and cheaper license for Banner Ads. You can download the fonts and upload the files to your server and serve the fonts yourself creating your own kit just the same way Typekit does for you. Also they explain how to integrate the fonts in HTML5 files using CSS or Javascript. Just tried “purchasing” a free font they offer to you so you can test yourself the process and it really is very convenient.

So the solution is clear finally :slight_smile: I can use Typekit for the time being and when we need a higher volume depending on the campaign pageviews, we can purchase a different license and create our own typography kit in our company server with Myfonts.